Hank Kraychir is an accomplished writer of 13 books, a historian, lecturer, Master Mason, York Rite Mason and a Knight Mason.  He typicality writes historical stories about Athletic Legends; although he has also written on the topics of American Education, the American Civil War and California History. Moreover, he has also written one Masonic themed book, which is called Tales from a Masonic Storyteller (2014). His second Masonic book, Masonry and the Three Little Pigs (2016), will be published next year.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. kobusvanzyl said:

    I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I will certainly bookmark it as one of my treasure troves. There is consensus about our decline yet the answers I have found to kerb this trend have not filled me with confidence. This is what we need, open, clear thinking and to be encouraged to study the liberal arts and sciences, to seek that which is lost.

    I started to read Pike’s book, got to a phrase I could not understand right in the beginning, spend days trying to understand and then gave up. Now I am encouraged to resume my reading again.


  2. wcypodcast said:

    I’d like to read one of your piece on the wcypodcast. let me know if it’s okay.


  3. Impressed with what you write. We are on a similar Gnostic path. LoveWisdom.net

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  4. Mark O'Blazney said:

    most extraordinary+

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  5. Jay Koelsch said:

    Thank you for these essays. As a brother of the Craft, I find them delightfully thought provoking .

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