IT is not an easy matter to get people to understand a subject to which they have given little or no thought whatever; but if one earnestly desires light on a rare and particular subject, as, for instance, the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, deep concentration is bound to bring results, and the ideas that are the fruit of that “going into the silence” may be similar to what others have given out and they may be dissimilar. If dissimilar, they may be offered to the earnest, esoteric student, as a working hypothesis, to be accepted or rejected by him. In case he rejects, reason must be given in order that new light may be shed on the question.

Many scientists have personally studied the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx and made endless measurements. They have arrived, for the most part, at the same conclusion to which that great occultist, Madame Helena P. Blavatsky held, i. e., that ‘the measuring attainment of the Great Pyramid would indicate all the substance of measure of the heavens and the earth.’

So much for that part, but there are other facts to be noted. It will be revealed and no doubt within a comparatively short time, now that there are many other secret chambers within this remarkable monument and that its true entrance is from the silent Sphinx. Verily it will not remain silent much longer. That celestial force which conquered the animal nature and resulted in a race of perfected human beings in a far distant Aquarian Age, enabled them to build monuments which would withstand the wear and tear of the ages and be a lodestar and a beacon-light for fellow travelers along the same GREAT PATH a path that is narrow and sharp as a razor; a path filled with stones that bruise and cut the feet. As one persists, the stones become fewer; green, velvet grass and beautiful flowers spring up beside the heart of the aspirant is cheered and strengthened and he picks himself up again and yet again and goes on with eyes ever fixed on the flaming star in the distance. And these incomparable monuments show us what was done in past ages, what is being done now, and what will be accomplished by future generations until all humanity shall kneel at the feet of God ultimate perfection for all of God’s children for we are all His.”

The just read excerpt came from the book God-Man: The Word Made Flesh, 1920, p. 65, which was written by Dr. George Carey.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir

Blue Lodge Master Mason – Scottish Rite Mason – York Rite Mason – Knight Mason – Allied Mason – York Rite College – Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest – Red Cross of Constantine – Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis.








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