“A sufficient amount of the cell-salts of the body properly combined taken as food not simply to cure some ache, pain or exudation forms blood that materializes in healthy fluids, flesh and bone tissue.

We should take the tissue cell-salts as one uses health foods, not simply to change health to health, but to keep the rate of blood vibration in the tone of health all the time.

Biochemistry is the sign-board pointing to the open country, to hills and green fields of health and the truth that shall set the seeking Ego free from poverty and disease.

Conservation and transmutation obtain in all the commercial world. The force of falling water is transmuted into the product of the factories. Steam, the vibration of copper and carbon discs that turn night into day, the automobiles, ‘chariots that run like lightning and jostle each other in the streets,’ are the effects of the transmutation of base or basic material.

On some fair tomorrow when the subtle vibrations of the Aquarian Age, directed by Oranous, shall have awakened and called to action the millions of dormant cells of the wondrous brain, man will by the power of the lost word restored, conserve and transmute the mineral sub- stance of his body, the soul, I O H N, and with the ‘product’ the precious ointment oil, Christ, triumph over the cross at Golgotha and ascend to the pineal gland that transmits the christed Son to the Optic Thalamus, the all-seeing Eye of the chamber, and thus furnish ‘light to all that are in the house.’

In these latter days our business world has been dominated by a great oil trust, petroleum, mineral oil, petra stone, rock or mineral and oleum; oil was exploited, and then by the law of transmutation changed into gasoline. The transmutation of gasoline by the miracle of the ‘conservation of energy’ causes the ‘ascension’ of the air ship, and the pathway of the Eagle and the open road of man lie parallel across the vaulted sky.”

The just read excerpt came from the book God-Man: The Word Made Flesh, 1920, p. 58, which was written by Dr. George Carey.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir

Blue Lodge Master Mason – Scottish Rite Mason – York Rite Mason – Knight Mason – Allied Mason – York Rite College – Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest – Red Cross of Constantine – Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis.








REUBEN SWINBURNE CLYMER: The Way To Life And Immortality, 1914