“‘But,’ you say, ‘your science has taken away my God, and I know not where you have lain Him.’ On the contrary, I have brought you to the one true God, ‘which was, and is, and evermore shall be.’

The fifth verse of the last chapter of the book of Job reads as follows:

‘I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now mine eye seeth thee.’

The wonderful writings and scientific statements found in that Book of all books, the Christian Bible, were recorded at dates covering thousands of years by men and women who never heard of each other. Some of these teachers lived away back in the age when the Solar System was swinging through the zodiacal sign, Taurus; when Phallic worship prevailed; when the number six was understood as sex, and the creative or formative principle operating through the sex functions was worshiped as the very Holy of Holies. Other teachers, who contributed to the knowledge of life and its operations contained in the Bible, lived in the age of Aries, a fire sign, when fire and sun were worshiped as the essence of God; and, as heat, the cause of the phenomenon called fire, cannot be seen, it was a reasonable thing to say that ‘no one can see God and live.’ So then, it depends upon the point of view one has of God, or the spirit of things, whether he says, ‘No one can see God and live,’ or says, ‘Now mine eye seeth thee !’

The writer of the book named Job must have lived more than eight thousand years ago, even before the Taurian age symbolized by the Winged Bulls of Nineveh which was in the Gemini age, the age of perception and expression, being an air age. Let it be understood that an age in this connection means twenty-two hundred years, the period for the Solar System to pass across one of the signs of the zodiac. In an air age, Egos awaken to their divine heritage, and realize their Godhood. The writer of Job, then, living in the Gemini or air age, could see God and live. Our Solar System has entered the sign Aquarius, another air sign, and the spiritualized elements so act upon our brain-cells that we are able to understand the teachers of a past air age, and also see God and live.”

The just read excerpt came from the book God-Man: The Word Made Flesh, 1920, p. 33, which was written by Dr. George Carey.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir

Blue Lodge Master Mason – Scottish Rite Mason – York Rite Mason – Knight Mason – Allied Mason – York Rite College – Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest – Red Cross of Constantine – Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis.