“NAMES will be explained without alphabetical order, the object being to show that the 66 books of the whole book (Holy Book), were 66 statements by 66 different writers about the same identical subject the human body, its chemical operation and the planetary positions, impinging to create and bring into physical manifestation the visible universe.

ADAM: Red earth, or flow of spirit or energy, dammed up.

EVE: Mother of all the living; ether or pure spirit; Mother of God-Water; fluid; esse.

CAIN: What is gotten acquisition, a spear, a smith; a worker.

ABEL: Transitoriness; breath; vapor; moisture (absorbed killed by Cain).

SETH: Seed, seedling or germ.

MAN: See Adam.

WOMAN: Worn (b) an, or womb in man (mankind); the regenerative womb or manger in the solar plexus. (See Bethlehem, house-of-bread).

NOD: Flight; Cain absorbed (killed) Abel (moisture) and vegetation sprang up (shoot-movement).

WIFE: Marriage of earth and water.

JOSHUA: Jehovah-in-salvation; son of Nun-fish.

MOSES: Drawn from the water; fish.

ABRAM: High father, father of elevation.

ABRAHAM: Father of a multitude.

AARON: Enlightened (Buddha-Third Eye).

HOR: Mountain, Mountain of Aaron, situated on the East side of the great valley of the Arabah, the highest and most conspicuous of the whole range of the sandstone mountains of Edom, having close beneath it on its East side, the mysterious city of Petra.

PETRA: Rock; Rock city, south of Jericho.

EDOM: Red; Edom or Odumea pituitary body.

JACOB: Circle; heel-catcher; lier-in-wait. (Applied to the 12 Zodiacal signs, in astrology; to the solar plexus, in physiology.)

LEAH: First wife of Jacob, represented in astrology by several of the Zodiacal signs, namely: Reuben, libra; Simeon, Scorpio; Levi, Sagittarius; Judah, Capricorn; Issachar, Gemini; Zebulum, Cancer, and Dinah, Leo. The name means, in Hebrew, wearied, weak, slow action, inferior.

RACHEL: Second wife of Jacob: a ewe; Mother of Joseph and Benjamin, represented in astrology by Virgo for Joseph; Benjamin having a deeply esoteric significance. It represents the product.

BENJAMIN: Son of the right hand; son of my old age; called first, by his mother, ‘son of my sorrow.’ He was the only child to be born in Palestine the Holy Land. In Smith’s Bible Dictionary we find this, “The Ark was in Benjamin.” To esoteric students this statement is significant. Plainly speaking, Benjamin is the same as Jesus and refers to the seed or son that redeems.

PALESTINE: Land of sojourners; country of Israel or Holy Land.

ARARAT: Holy Land.

ABBA: Father (God).

ABSALOM: Father of Peace.

ADAH, ADAIAH, ADDI: Ornament, whom God has adorned: Refers to Pituitary body.


ZOHELETH: THE STONE; serpent, the rolling stone; the serpent stone, the stone of the conduit.

GILGAL: A circle or rolling away; the place where the 12 stones were set up, the place of the ‘Passover,’ ‘A hot depressed district,’ says Smith’s Bible Dictionary. Refers in anatomy to the 12th dorsal vertebra, at which place the semi-lunar ganglion connects. At this point the seed or ark enters Jordan or the spinal cord.

JORDAN: The descender; the flowing river. A river that has never been navigable, flowing into a sea that has never known a port. About 200 miles long, rising from the roots of Anti-Lebanon to the head of the Dead Sea. ‘The river of God’ see Smith’s Bible Dictionary. In anatomy the Spinal cord, the great nerve which is supplied with fluid from the claustrum in the cerebrum. ‘The Jordan was crossed over by Joshua (Fish), the son of Nun (fish),’ Smith’s Bible Dictionary. As Joshua and Jesus mean the same, we see by this that this is the place of the baptism of Jesus. See further reference to this. Only two fords are mentioned in the Bible. These in anatomy are the end of the spinal cord at the 12th Dorsal vertebra, and at the base of the skull. Smith also says that the true source of the Jordan is ‘Underground in Phiala (meaning vial or bowl), and on the right hand side.’ ‘It is from this ‘cave’ that the Jordan commences its course above ground.’ Compare this description with the anatomy of the head and its meaning becomes clear. Smith tells us that the upper part of the slope is alive with bursting fountains and gushing streams that find their way into the Jordan. These in Anatomy refer to the glands in the brain that connect with the spinal cord. Read in Smith’s Bible Dictionary the wonderful description of this River.

GENESARETH: Gardens of the Prince; a crescent- shaped (Moon-shaped) plain on the western shore of Lake Genesareth, which is also the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee is the semi-lunar ganglion thru which the seed or Jesus passes to reach the spinal cord. The Jordan enters in at the North and passes out at the South. It abounds in fish.

DAUGHTER: Bath. Anything regarded as feminine.

GALILEE: A circle or circuit.

NAZARETH: Shoot, sprout, twig.

CAPERNAUM: Village of Nahum (consolation).

CANA: Place of reeds; Lungs.

JERICHO: Place of fragrance; Cerebellum.”

The just read excerpt came from the book God-Man: The Word Made Flesh, 1920, p. 16, which was written by Dr. George Carey.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir

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