“These persons, being dead, cannot be asked for an explanation in regard to the seeming contradiction. If they could, they might respond, as Walt Whitman did when a critic hinted that the ‘good gray poet’ contradicted himself: ‘Do I contradict myself? Then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.’

We must consider the facts that the opinions uttered by men in past ages extend over a period of years, during which time empires rose and fell, and new concepts of life, due to planetary and zodiacal changes, obtained recognition. Thus radical changes occurred in the social, religious, scientific and industrial world.

Viewing the question in this light, need we wonder that the seers and sages, saints and scientists of the past should sometimes contradict themselves?

Are we, today, so very consistent?

Do we not enact what we call “sacred laws,” immediately violate them and carry the case to the court of last resort and get the “sacred” law repealed?

We have had high and low tariff, bimetalism and gold standard, and our great statesmen valiantly upheld the free coinage of silver in the year 1895, and in 1896 these same captains of finance declared through the public press that free coinage of silver would destroy civilization, tear down the pillars of Hercules and wrench the stars from their cosmic thrones.

We have contradicted ourselves in our opinion of the earth’s shape, the distance to the Sun, the origin and operation of electricity, the cause of light, the divisibility of elemental gases, the circulation of the blood, the reality of hell and the devil and other subjects too numerous to mention.

Then, shall we forever wrangle over the contradictory statements of dead men who wrought in their day as best they might with the light and data at their command, with no thought that people in future ages would war to the death or live with hate in their hearts for their fellows who differ with them on baptism, the size of Noah’s ark, or whether a prophet swallowed a fish or a fish swallowed a prophet?

So much for the old world belief, that the Scriptures (writings) are records of men and women and places, geographical, historical, etc.

These wonderful statements are fables, parables, allegories, dealing with the chemical, physiological, anatomical and astrological operations of the HUMAN BODY, ‘Fearfully and wonderfully made.’

‘Great are the symbols of Being, But that which is symboled is greater; Vast the create and beheld, But vaster the Inward Creator.’ Richard Realf.”

The just read excerpt came from the book God-Man: The Word Made Flesh, 1920, p. 12, which was written by Dr. George Carey.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir

Blue Lodge Master Mason – Scottish Rite Mason – York Rite Mason – Knight Mason – Allied Mason – York Rite College – Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest – Red Cross of Constantine – Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis.