“The evidence of a future existence for man is overwhelming; because he is, he shall be. But such communication as is possible between that other nature and this proves that intellect wanes and disappears on the other side instead of in creasing in power and brilliancy. From this we conclude that the appearance of human spirits as individual intelligences is limited to the astral belt surrounding the earth, from beyond which there is no return. Those who pass on take with them only the immortal principles of Love, Will, and Wisdom evolved by the experiences of many in carnations in the mineral, vegetable, animal, and human planes of this nature.

The ladder the soul must climb in Regeneration is Love, and the first round of the ladder in conscious life is sexual desire, while the last and highest is the Love of the Gods — Universal Love. Beyond is Nirvana, the Over-soul, in which through Love, Pity, Tenderness, the fruit of social experience, joined to the Will of the Good, the fruit of moral growth, guided by Wisdom, the harvest of intelligence, man ceases to be a creature of limitations and takes his place among the gods, a source of order, harmony, and love.

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Sexual desire is Love (or God), expressing itself through the generative functions and in its lowest phases is without tenderness , respect, or pity; but in the regenerating soul there is a constantly increasing activity of the creative force welling up in generous emotions and unselfish desires until the whole man groans with the burden of sympathy with weakness and suffering.

The suffering and weak are the children, the barbarous, the ignorant, and he who takes advantage of the weak excites in the breast of the good the same pity which is accorded to the helpless. Pity is the chain that unites the highest and the lowest; it is the ladder whereby the Gods descend to earth for reincarnation.

We came out of chaos where is no pity, nor order, nor law; we emerged into the orderly realm of Law, where Love, Will, and Wisdom have a beginning; we pass to Nirvana, which is order without law and Love without limitations. Wisdom is the light of the mind, and to add continually to this quench less fire of the soul is the work of Regeneration acting through will, or desire, and through love. Concentration, which is the focusing of mind by Love and Will, or Desire, is the beginning of restraint, which is Law; the Word that went forth in the Beginning “Let there be light!” was the concentration of magnetism out of the formless chaos into an active center, — a soul.”

The above excerpt came from Freeman Dowd’s book, Regeneration, 1900, p. 62.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir

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