“Jesus could have used no more appropriate symbol in indicating the change in man from a mortal to an immortal being than the waters of birth, the fructifying generative water of the mysterious unknown, upon which the Spirit of God moved in the gestation of worlds and in which the embryotic child floats in its mother’s womb, – water that quenches the fires that destroy, and which water the spirit is constantly impregnating with new forms of life.

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The new man is a new being, conceived by spirit, and gestated in the great deep of human nature to become possessed after birth, through the processes of growth, of power over the forces of nature, to be safe from hurtful or poisonous things, and able to defy disease and death. This it is to be “born of the spirit and of water.”

Plainly stated, the fol owing are the conditions precedent to Regeneration: The masculine nature in man must know and enter into the feminine nature in himself. Thus out of the duality of Generation there will be established the oneness of Regeneration. The same action must take place in the nature of the woman. By the entrance of the male element into the female element of each individual, the Christ is conceived.

Thought and desire turned inward to the permanent and spiritual, gestate the embryo, and its birth is the beginning of Regeneration. This work must be perfected in each individual spiritually, before it can appear physically, expressed in character.”

The above excerpt came from Freeman Dowd’s book, Regeneration, 1900, p. 101.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir

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