Along the lines of Immortality, there is a group of men named the Great White Brotherhood, or White Robes for short. The obvious reference to men is in the title of “Brotherhood,” meaning, “an association of men; sorry ladies. This group of ascended masters spread spiritual knowledge to worthy humans, who thereby teach others.

Countless people have talked to and been guided by them, including, but not limited to, Manly P. Hall, Helen Petrovna Blavatsky, Guy Ballard and even Aleister Crowley. Most interestingly, Ballard founded the “I AM” movement, after his meeting with Saint Germain, an Ascended Master, whose experiences were outlined in his book Unveiled Mysteries (1934). And as most followers of this blog already know, Saint Germain is a well know Immortal Mason.

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Many people believe that the Great White Brotherhood are Immortal supernatural beings that have great powers, who maintain an active watch over this world. These ascended Masters continue to carry and teach ancient wisdom to only the worthy. There is no higher calling than to help humanity; as such, their sole purpose is to help and guide humanity into a greater future.

This is not a new idea, no, in fact, we see that Karl Von Eckartshausen wrote about this Brotherhood in his 1795 book The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary; yet, in his book he referred to them as the Council of Light. This immortal council of light is a tribute to the ancient Roman Empire, and is stationed in Greenland. Furthermore, Helena P. Blavatsky also referred to this Brotherhood as “Masters of the Hidden Brotherhood” or “Mahatmas” in her 1877 book Isis Unveiled. Moreover, Arthur Edward Waite hinted of a Great White Lodge, similar to that of Freemasonry, in his 1898 work, Book of Black Magic and of Pacts. Interestingly, the AMORC Rosicrucian Order believes there is a difference between the “Great White Brotherhood” and the “Great White Lodge;” that the Great White Brotherhood is the “school or fraternity” of the Great White Lodge, and that “every true student on the Path” aspires membership in this Brotherhood. As such, there is ample evidence to suggest that there may in fact be competing Immortal Brotherhoods that have taken on similar names. This aligns well with what other authors have suggested as well; which means, Immortals can’t even agree on a single path to Immortality, therefore, how are they ever going to agree on a single path for humanity. Nevertheless, as Manly P. Hall suggested in many of his writings, there are groups of Immortals guiding humanity; a sentiment I agree with. We know this, because, as suggested earlier, countless people have had contact with these Immortals, including, Manly, P. Hall, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Theosophy), Aleister Crowley (Thelema), Alice A. Bailey (New Group of World Servers), Guy Ballard (“I AM” Activity), Geraldine Innocente (The Bridge to Freedom), Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Church Universal and Triumphant) and Benjamin Creme (Share International) (David Chase Taylor, Greenland Theory, 2014).

Moreover, Manly P Hall wrote about these groups in his book, Special Class in Secret Doctrine, about this brotherhood:

The Great White Brotherhood is composed of Initiates from all parts of the earth, and these form the invisible government of the earth. The Great White Lodge meets every seven years, and in it each of the schools of occult philosophy are represented. This group is a law-making body deciding with its clearer intelligence the needs of humanity, and seeking to meet these needs in the most efficient manner. During these meetings Beings superior to the Masters themselves are present. The power of the Adepts over the visible and invisible worlds enables them to invoke the forces of Nature to the attainment of any particular end. The Temple of the Great White Lodge, we are told, stands upon an island of Permanent Rock in the heart of the Gobi Desert of Mongolia or Mongolian Tibet” (Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

Within Hall’s book, there are a series of questions to ponder; we will go over several of them now. The first being the relationship between THE SECRET DOCTRINE and that of the Great White Brotherhood:


Ans. The SECRET DOCTRINE is that knowledge concerning the laws behind life, which has always been in the possession of an illuminated few. These few have imparted these sacred Truths by word of mouth to those men or women who have prepared themselves to use this knowledge for the service and redemption of the race. The knowledge covers three general subjects, as follows: First, the knowledge of how universes and atoms are created, unfolded, and later disintegrated by the cosmic processes of Nature; second, concerning man, his place in the Plan, and how he may later become an intelligent worker with Nature for the unfoldment and redemption of himself; third, how he may learn the control the forces of Nature and to become master over the world of phenomenalistic things. The secret processes whereby these things are accomplished have never been revealed to the profane, but are in truth the SECRET DOCTRINE, which has existed in the world since the beginning of intelligence. This WISDOM is God’s great gift to man, which Deity has revealed through world Saviors, Adepts and Initiates (His chosen Sons) according to the needs of races and peoples. “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” as written by H. P. B. with the permission of her teachers, constitutes a fractional part of this great hidden philosophy. It is all, however, that the world could safely receive at the time. During the middle and latter part of the twentieth century the next messenger appointed by the “Great White Brotherhood” will continue the Word by a further revelation (Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

Hall now discusses the purpose of the Mystery Schools and lists several adepts of notability and parentage:

What is the actual purpose of the Mystery Schools?

Ans. They are centers established to make possible the study of Eternal TruthTheir existence remains unknown to the masses, and in this way they protect themselves from the attacks and ridicule of the ignorant. Their fine hand, however, is behind practically every ethical advancement of the age. Sir Francis Bacon, the remodeler of British law, was a member of one of these Mystery Schools, as was William Shakespeare, the world’s greatest dramatist. Plato was an initiate; so was AristotlePythagoras established a School of the Mysteries at CrotonaAppolonius of Tyana, sometimes called the Antichrist, was a high Adept, having been initiated in the Great PyramidBoth Paracelsus and Roger Bacon were members of the Order of the Illuminati, represented the Mystery Schools in the world. Father C. RC., initiated in Arabia in the mythological city of Damcar by Arabian Adepts, was the spirit behind the Order of the Rose Cross in Germany and later in the Masonic OrderThese Mystery Schools are established for the redemption of the race, which being too ignorant to know its own needs is first guided through its childhood by the gods and then instructed by the Adepts so that it may learn to take care of itself (Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

We read that it is through the disciples that this hidden knowledge is shared; but there are also rules involved: 

How do the Masters present their knowledge to the world?

Ans. Through their disciples. As the Master Jesus taught His disciples in private what they should say to the multitudes, so the Great Ones promulgate their philosophies through their Chelas and pupils. This system is more efficient than the Masters appearing themselves, although they do come into the world sometimes. The disciple still has much of the world he is leaving behind in his nature, therefore can more easily mix with the world, thus attaining the desired end though always remaining as inconspicuous as possibleRealizing that each man must choose for himself, the Chela never states the source of his information. He merely sows the seed and leaves it to the one addressed to tenderly nurture the plant and finally gather in the harvest according to his own light (Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

Hall now answers the question why we haven’t ever seen the Great Ones, yet we know they are amongst us everyday – they are among the least and simplest:

Why do we never see these Great Ones in the world?

Ans. They are in the world about us every day, but we do not recognize them. We look for shining figures with golden halos. But great souls are not like that. They are the simplest among the simple, the least among the least. They have learned what Jesus meant when he said, “He that would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” The true Initiate, realizing that he will never be understood by the mass of humanity, never reveals himself except to his own students who know and love him (Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

Think about it for a moment; how can you spot an Immortal member of the Great White Brotherhood, what characteristics does he possess? Well, here it is in simple language. In short, they will never reveal that they are, but they will clearly demonstrate that they know the rules that guide them:  

How may we know a great Initiate and tell a true Adept from a false?

Ans. There is an old saying, “By their works shall ye know them.” This applies to occult things as to any other line of endeavor. Within the last fifty years the matter of Adepts and Masters has been badly overdone. The country has been flooded with Swamis, Yogis, Mahatmas, Adepts, Masters and Initiates. It is impossible that even one percent of those who make this claim could be genuine, for Nature works slowly—great minds are not educated en masse. We may say that an Adept or an Initiate cannot be recognized by any who is not instructed on the same subjectThe Masters are known to each other, but to no one else as such. We may suspect a person who has unusual powers and is consecrating them to the service of humanity of being one of the Brethren or their Chela. But this will never be substantiated by their own admissionNO ADEPT OR INITIATE WILL STATE THAT HE IS SUCH EXCEPT TO HIS OWN CHELAS, AND THESE HE SWEARS TO SECRECYANYONE WHO ADMITS OR DECLARES PUBLICLY OR BRAGS OF THE FACT THAT HE IS AN ACCEPTED MEMBER OR HAS BEEN INITIATED INTO ANY TRUE OCCULT ORGANIZATION IS NO OTHER THAN AN EGOTIST AND A LIAR. A Chela or disciple may statewhen ordered to do so by his Master, that he is representing the Adept or is speaking for him, but he must always admit and make plain that he himself is merely a humble disciple obeying the orders of a greater mind. When you see a person charitable to allsincere with all, who labors daily for allhumble and contrite in all things, you may ask, “Is he a Great One?” But you will never be able to know until you have become as he isThen the bond of service reveals to each those who are laboring for a common end (Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

If one wants to attain such a position, what might his duties be? Most of it is common sense, believe it or not; but in a world of personal wants and desires, it maybe too difficult for most people to understand. In short, one must defend and follow one’s Master.  And if this simplest thing is not adhered to, the gifts attained will be lost:

What is the duty of a Chela to his Master?

Ans. In answering this I will quote the words of H. P. B. herself, who is in turn quoting from one of her Masters: “As the limbs defend the head and the heart of the body they belong to, so have the disciples to defend the head and the heart of the Body they belong to from injury.” The duty of the disciple is to fulfill the orders of the Master, to uphold his hand, to defend him, to preserve his integrity, and to represent him as honestly as he can by being himself an example of integrity among men. The Master assumes the position of father and mother to his disciples. They are his children, consequently are brothers to each other. As their parents have given them birth into the physical world and instructed them in their conduct in the substantial spheres, so their spiritual Master has given them birth into the spiritual worlds and is educating them concerning their behavior therein. Treachery to him and lack of consideration for his desires is the greatest sin in occultism. In things of the spirit, ingratitude is the first of the cardinal sinsThis is punished by total loss of those gifts which the spirit has hoped to acquire (Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

We now know about these Immortals; but by what power and by what authority do they rule by and with? In essence, the universe is ruled by intelligence, love and law; lets let Hall explain further:

By what is the universe ruled?

Ans. Occultists teach that the universe is governed by intelligence, love, and law; and the greatest of these is lawLove and intelligence serve law, ornamenting it and beautifying it; and law serves all things impartially. Millions of intelligences make manifest the intricacies of natural law. All things flourish when they abide in lawAll things perish when they disregard law or seek to break its eternal power(Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

Hall now discusses the natural laws that all Immortals of the Great White Brotherhood must abide by; of particular interest to your author, please take notice to Vibration and Compensation. Vibration is a necessary component to understand, in that everything in nature is moving (Claustrum Oil included); and Compensation is important, only because most people seeking an Immortal state think they can have their cake and eat it to, i.e. one’s actions are rewarded by one’s intent, goals, aspirations, etc. Measurement of all behavior is weighed and accounted for according to nature’s laws, not an individual’s desires:  

Name the fundamental natural laws. 

Ans. The most fundamental natural laws are: 

Evolution – all things grow and unfold.
Cause and Effect – every effect is measured by its cause.
Reincarnation – life returns to form again and again in the process of unfoldment.
Vibration – everything in Nature is moving.
Polarity – all things manifest through positive and negative poles.
Equilibrium – perfection is the state of balance with its victory over the opposites.
Compensation – action is rewarded by its own reactions.
Periodicity – for every period of activity there must follow a period of inactivity. (Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

This next lesson is of particular importance to your author, only because I have written extensively about the Claustrum Oil and its transference down and up the spinal cord

What does the wand of the magician symbolize?

Ans. It is the spinal cord surmounted by the brain. The brain is the vehicle of the mind, and gives to those who use it control over the invisible forces of Nature because the mind of the magician has learned to know and obey the laws which govern all forces in Nature (Manly P. Hall, Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky), Manuscript Series No. 36).

So there you have it; as so many esoterics have discussed, there is a group of men called the Great White Brotherhood, and other competing Immortals, all working toward the singular aim of guiding humanity into a better world. This view is further supported by the following quote by Guy Warren Ballard, the man who met and was instructed by St. Germain:

This series of books is dedicated in deepest, Eternal Love and Gratitude to our Beloved Master, Saint Germainthe Great White Brotherhoodthe Brotherhood of the Royal Tetonthe Brotherhood of Mount Shastaand those other Ascended Masters whose loving help has been direct and without limit (Guy Warren Ballard/Godfre Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries, 1934, p. vii). 

So Mote It Be! 

Hank Kraychir

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