2As previously mentioned, there are countless paths to the attainment of Immortality. As this is an individual journey, it is up to each individual to find his own path, which may in fact not work for another person.  That is why we say that Freemasonry is an individual journey. It is, of course, always helpful to have help along the way, a spiritual adviser or mentor if you will. Nevertheless, despite some guidance, no two paths are the same, just as no two bodies are alike.

All the same, though there are many paths to take, there are, in fact, some general guidelines one should consider when undertaking Immortality. Here are but a few:

1) Avoid death: do not talk about it, do not mention it and never attend a funeral – especially yours. This is especially important if one is susceptible to negative spirit forces. In no way do you want to endorse the ideology of death. In fact, do not even joke about it. In no way is it a part of your vernacular, behavior or verbiage. Avoid it at all cost.

2) Love for life: with every part of your being, tell yourself that God’s creation, including you, is fantastic and wonderful. Love for life is an instrumental part of your mental programming. Do not let anyone tell you differently; in fact, immediately tell yourself about God’s love for creation when someone does or says something negative to you. You must counter every negative electrical wave with a positive electrical counter wave.

3) Low calorie diet and moderate exercise: I know it is hard to do, but do your best to lower your calorie intake over time. If you were like me, I loved to gorge my food; something I learned in my youth. Yet, as I look back over the past several years, my intake is now about 1/3 of what it once way. I know I still have a long way to go; but time is my friend now that I think like an Immortal. I am constantly reminding myself to stop eating. I have not broken this habit yet. I do indulge myself from time to time when I feel the need; and when I do over indulge my appetite, I feel guilty because of it. I am desperately doing my best to recondition my mind and body. Although, as my spiritual mentor told me, “it will take time to change your eating habits, but if the desire for Immortality is strong enough, you will adapt; but do not rush it; time is now your best friend.” This simple lesson may be the hardest thing to accomplish for many people. Start now, and over time, work towards eating less and less. In time, your diet will consist of very moderate portions of food; some might even call them snacks, rather than meals. Moreover, moderate exercise is a must. No, you don’t have to push the limits of physical endurance; rather, limited physical activity helps keep the body healthy and youthful, as opposed to a stagnant lifestyle, which only brings on the quickening of death.

4) Become a student of the mysteries and a student of history: in order to attain an Immortal state, each student must become knowledgeable about esoteric teachings. No, you do not have to master every aspect of Alchemy to receive the benefits of Immortality. Yet, it is only through hard work and study will the benefits of the mysteries be earned. With greater understanding, comes acceptance. When one first reads these esoteric tales and lessons, he begins to wonder what they might mean and what the author was really trying to convey. Over time and with a great deal of study and patience, these allegorical lessons slowly begin to make sense and take shape; and then and only then will you begin to implement the hidden lessons into your quest. One of the biggest fears of a true Immortal is ignorance, not only his own, but also the ignorance of others, who will do everything in their power to destroy what they do not, or could even, understand. Our history is replete with examples of Immortals who either disappeared, or faked their death, in order to escape the actions of evil people. Yet, I have been told that this is the time for Immortal teachings to return; our civilization has reached a point in time of acceptance. We are now accepting of people with different views, religions and even sexuality. It is now time for the acceptance of Immortal training, which will lead to more and more Immortals revealing themselves. Yes my friends, Immortals do exist, but they will not reveal themselves publicly until they know it is safe. Only through the study of the mysteries and history will a true Immortal know how to attain and maintain his existence.

5) Have a relationship with God. It must always be remembered, Immortality cannot be attained separate from God. God (Nature) is the force, or energy, which aligns and allows all the elements to work toward the goal of life extension (Immortality). The ancient philosophers and alchemists knew that Immortality could not be attained without God’s help and guidance. I say guidance because it is He who guides each individual journey. It is His Will that allows all the knowledge to culminate within each person; and just as quickly as it is given, it can be stricken.

6) Pray: daily, and even hourly, prayer should be a part of your Immortal formula. Give constant thanks to God for your life, and for the love for his creation. It is through appreciation that one gains the needed connection to His creation. Immortality cannot be gained without God’s love for you and you for Him and His creation.

7) Discernment: I am constantly asking for the power of Divine discernment. You see, there is a difference between manly and Divine discernment. We, as worldly humans have been trained to think a specific way, which hinders our judgments. It is these worldly judgments that disconnect us from God. Case in point, I am often asked questions from a contemporary Christian view, which forces me to remind the student not to look upon the ancient mysteries from our current perspective. In fact, many of the lessons that came from the ancient mysteries predate Christianity, as well as many other religions today. Therefore, it may in fact be your current worldly judgments that are holding you back from seeing the prospect of Immortality. It is only through Divine insights, and a retooling of one’s mind, that Immortal lesson’s can be discerned.

There are perhaps many more lessons to ponder; but for now, if you can follow these seven basic Immortal lessons, you too will begin to find your way; with more guidelines to follow. I do not want to overwhelm anyone just yet.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir