Energy cannot be destroyed; it can, however, be transformed or transmuted, thereby multiplying its frequency and sustainability. Everything in existence is information, like the ideals and teachings of death. This type of informational existence dominates one’s internal energy, which is damaging the prospect of longevity. It has been said that collective intelligence is itself an energy force; this structure also guides mortal thinking. Yet, this energy can also be redirected into an Immortal consciousness? Think about the possibilities.

In order to restructure ones potential for Immortality, it is necessary to live a happy, honest and creative life. We are simply a computer that has been programmed by the mind. The human body will do exactly what the conscious mind instructs. Therefore, optimism will enhance the prospect of Immortality, while pessimism will end in death. In short, if one believes in death, it is a guarantee that you will certainly die. If that is the case, why cannot it also be true, that being, if one believes in everlasting life, i.e. Immortality, one can live forever. It is, in fact, a reprogramming of one’s mind and body. Yet, with that said, if there is any doubt in one’s Immortality, it cannot be attained.

An Immortal state is not as simple as just believing it; no, one must also live a quality life and follow countless rules of governance. With this understanding, we know that many people have tried and failed, and continue to achieve this goal. This was an objective of the ancient and alchemical sages.

Nothing has changed, in fact, the basis for contemporary medicine (chemistry) can be found in ancient beliefs and alchemical literature of old. Immortality has been the collective dream since the beginning of time; and medical advancements and new technologies continue to strive toward that aim. The biggest difference though is the fact that modern medicine has separated itself from the spiritual side of the equation. Please remember, water is just water until it is preyed upon. Therefore, the power of prayer, spiritualism, is a necessary component of Immortality.

There is nothing wrong with using modern medicine; it is similar to the goal of the ancient alchemist. Nevertheless, the everlasting energy of spiritualism is a key component of attaining Immortality. Yet, for the most part, one does not have to use modern medicine if he had achieved and implemented the use of the Golden Elixir; sometimes called the philosophical stone.  There are, in fact, several alchemical formulas available even today. These formulas can be found in both the Holy Bible and Albert Pike’s book Morals and Dogma, 1871; as well as other Masonic writings.

You see, the basis of Freemasonry is Immortality. Think about it for a few minutes before immediately dismissing such thinking. Why be a good man? Why be a good citizen? Why be a good husband and father? Why believe in God? etc., etc., etc. What is the aim of all the foundational rules we have sworn to follow as a Mason? Many will say, “To attain Immortality of the soul, or an afterlife.” There is no doubt if you desire such a thing you will attain it. However, just as equally, if you desire Immortality of the flesh, you will also attain that goal. We are what we think; you are what you desire and beieve.

Just ask yourself this question, “How are you directing your spiritual energy; and to what aim? If you are directing your spiritual energy toward death, you will certainly attain it. If you are directing your spiritual energy toward Immortality (life), you will also attain it. Just do not have any negative thoughts on the topic; and you will discover the rules for Immortality, especially when asked for from God.

Next month, I will discuss many of the rules for attaining Immortality. There are, in fact, countless in number, and not exact in specificity. In short, there are many paths towards Immortality.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir