There is nothing secret about the Philosopher’s Stone being a secret; nevertheless, there is good reason for this secrecy, but more on that a little later. It has been said that knowledge of such a Stone would inevitably collapse our current system. This of course is a debatable issue; nonetheless, let it be told here and now that such knowledge will never be granted or understood by the profane. You see, knowledge of the Stone has always been right in front of humankind; it has not wavered in the least. No, it is man who has wavered by way of his continued stubbornness toward godly behaviors.

A Golden Age has always been possible, but because of mankind’s corrupt state of existence, such dreams remain a fallacy to the masses. Most sages who possessed the secrets of Immortality held them close; never revealing them. As gatekeepers of such knowledge, they did not want this knowledge falling into the hands of the unworthy. The secret pact is still alive and well today. Simply, remember this, water is just water until one prays upon it. Which means, it is God himself who bestows such knowledge upon the worthy. And just as quickly, when a sage is granted Immortality, it can easily be taken from him as well. There is a sacred pack between God and man; and to break this pack, would mean the end of his existence. Just as quickly as it is granted, it can be stricken.

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Some have referred to this as elite thinking, but I say nonsense. Only a student of world thinking would think such a thing. Today’s culture has promoted the idea that everyone is special and everyone deserves a trophy. Well, that is not how Immortality works. In short, it is earned through diligent study, loyalty to the mysteries and from the grace of God. Virtually every Immortal understands that they were chosen by God, not the other way around. They must have proven their worthiness, otherwise, Immortality would never have been granted.

It has been said that many Immortals are obsessive with life. On this point, I must agree; but for good reason. As I have stated before, it has been long understood that Immortals love life and must, at some point, fake their death. Dangers are always lurking. History is replete with examples of Immortals disappearing and reappearing in different locations and at different time periods. Whenever an Immortal feels threatened, either by people, or events, like a war or plague, he knows from experience that he must exit quickly and quietly. An Immortal is a survivor first and foremost. He evades death by way of his powers of discernment. These godly judgements or knowledge come from years, even hundreds and thousands of years, of study. The immortal loves to learn; in fact, his life depends on it. By understanding the history and the cycles that surround repeating events over and over again, he sees patterns of prosperity and decline. Knowing how to survive rises and falls becomes a part of his economic, spiritual and physical safety.

An Immortal has a natural fear of ignorance; because it is ignorant people who seek to destroy his longevity. Evil people often go to great lengths to attain the secrets of Immortality; but honestly, even when it is given under duress, the receivers of this knowledge often do not believe it will work, and therefore, it did not work and will never work. You see, the formula for Immortality is not a singular substance; no, it also encompasses the spiritual component. This point alone, makes attaining Immortality an impossible task for an evil person. There is no way an evil man, with evil intentions can attain Immortality. It does not work that way. That is why I wrote, water is just water until one prays upon it. In short, without the power of God (Nature), Immortality is unattainable.

Indeed, there are countless elixirs available to each and every person desiring Immortality. I personally know of several; but other than cleansing one’s internal body, they have no prolonging effect. The difference is the relationship you have with God, who will guide your study and transition into Immortality.

So Mote It Be!!!

Hank Kraychir