2There is little doubt that in this new age of technology, with its quickening effect on our culture and its people, we have transformed our foundation and basis for existence. Immediate information is available to everyone, and this has affected our quality of life and our modern consciousness. We are no longer a simple people seeking godliness; no, our culture now believes that technology will be our savior.  Such is the intellectual saturation of our modern consciousness; but the question remains, how does such thinking align with ancient mystical thinking; and is such thinking comparable and does it still actually work?

Honestly, only time will tell for sure. Nevertheless, I do contend that if we do not keep our sights on the ancient mysteries, Immortality is not attainable. We cannot gain Immortality through the scholarship of technology alone; there is certainly a spiritual component that cannot be ignored. I do not trust that Immortality can be gained through science unaccompanied. I do, however, believe that, like the Alchemists of our past, Immortality can be gained through intellectual and spiritual knowledge combined.

There is an outward and inward world for humanity; with each man being the link in this chain. Man continues to battle countless would be scientific theories and esoteric doctrines in an effort to find the philosophers stones or elixir of life. As hard as it was in the past, such knowledge becomes even more muddled by contemporary modernity. The truth, to a greater or lesser degree, has become unrecognizable; whereby value in knowledge is deluded because of massive and yet misguided knowledge. Determining the authenticity, worth and importance of knowledge is certainly no easy task.  Our world has become outdated through countless norms and standards that continue to compulsively misguide us humans. We think and act far differently than our ancient ancestors, which steers our inner power to more and more external endeavors. It is this cognitive type of thinking that has led us further and further from the fundamental secrets of creation.  New contemporary knowledge has always and constantly hindered and disconnected our connection to the Creator and his creation.

It is ironic that classical views stand in stark contrast to fashionable views, with more and more reliance on technology, science and medicine to cure the human body. I so often hear it stated, if science cannot prolong life then dreams of immortality must be a fabrication. But our ancient ancestors did not hold such luxuries, yet still attained an Immortal state of existence. There is a universal organization to an eternal life; these laws of nature have never changed, only man’s evolutionary outlook continues to battle these ancient mysteries. Therefore, we, the students of the mysteries, endeavor to seek these ancient mysteries with a fervent zeal; and we acknowledge these differences with a mindful passion for Immortality of the flesh.

We understand that the physical body of a human being and the material world are formed by consciousness and energy; that the very nature of each human is displayed outwardly in physical form, but also generates a spiritual component.  The reality of such a belief though is the fact that detection is often unmeasurable; at least through contemporary scientific methods. Which has led to much speculation and even dismissal. Pundits are quick to us terms like paranormal activity, mythology and even folklore. All the same, without empirical measurable documentation, most people will simply turn from seeking Immortality. This is an ailment of contemporary conditioning.

Nevertheless, we stand firm in our belief in Immortality. As hard as science has tried to prove or disprove the spiritual realm, it has found only confusion. How does one prove faith? It cannot be proven. Simply stated, one must have faith in Immortality before it can be gained; to think otherwise, one will only find death. More to follow next month.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir