2It is true that in traveling the great narrow way of personal and inner accomplishments, one is not only required to follow angelic law, but also be committed to the elimination of all transgressions and mistakes. This change is an essential part of the progression toward Immortalism.   This inner way is a pathway toward purity and enlightenment; not just intellectual enlightenment, but also a pureness of life itself. As mentioned before, the wages of sin is death.  There is a way to eternal, unlimited and everlasting regeneration. This is the way in which one departs from his mortal infant status; of which, he must surpass the youthful teachings of nursery rhymes and fairy tales, and the immature games of make-believe. We have been taught that up is down and down is up, that mortal-ism is life and Immortalism is not possible. Yet, this type of thinking is wrong, but present in the minds of most people. The fact is, purity of thought and actions are health-producing agents.

As each man lives the inner laws of goodness and virtue, his own consciousness within himself will come into full contact with God, who will guide him in his direction. In time, this calming inner voice becomes a loving helper, which will disclose the truth about his own Immortal potential. Yes, there is a Divine Kingdom waiting each willing seeker of Immortal light. It is an inner song of praise, love and gratitude that releases one’s own vibrating glorious power and radiant splendor.

These laws of perfection are the forgotten ancient laws of our past. Humanity continues to progress, which has led to a further divide from our glorious past. New is not always better, as the saying goes. Technology, with all its conveniences and luxury has made man complacent. So much so that most of humanity does not even believe in its own potential anymore; rather, man now believes that life will only get better through the use of more and more modernity. Forget God’s laws of love, devotion, self-sacrifice, and the willingness to become a steward of one’s own body. Modern science will aid the unrighteous man; or so he thinks. Pills, shots and surgery may prolong the unworthy man of modernity, but it does not grant Immortality. Is there another path; perhaps an Alchemical one? Yes, indeed there is; but such knowledge is never given. No, such familiarity is only received through relentless research and from the guidance of prayer to the Great Architect, who will only disclose such awareness to the well-intentioned pupil of the ancient mysteries.

God’s laws are pure, perfect and yet sublime; a road less traveled. His laws require adoration and worship, for without them, Immortality is but a fairy tale. Live God’s laws and the truth will be revealed to you. Divine vibrations will release the Light of knowledge upon your consciousness. His laws are honest and pure; His eternal decrees will never fail the honest seeker of truth.  They are irrevocable!!!

From the least to the greatest, all are invited to take part in this wondrous journey.  There is a spiritual banquet awaiting the truthful and honest student who is pure of heart. God has and will continue to grant incredible gifts upon man; however, these gifts will never be granted to the unworthy. The unworthy must seek solitude in the modern sciences, because only the worthy will be granted everlasting Immortality.

The true student of the mysteries must always be a perfectionist, that is, he will always demand more of himself, not of others. In his best efforts, he will find satisfaction. He will always find a method of progress, contentment and fulfillment. As one applies these forgotten lessons into his mortal life, which currently consists of negligence, thoughtlessness, carelessness, recklessness and harmful actions to others and himself, his transformation will be seen in his own flesh. He will stop the evolution of death, he will reverse the ongoing decay of ageing and death.

And finally and more specifically, one’s true Godly love is as vital to Immortality as any of the Elixirs also heralded over the past centuries; but more on that a little later.

So Mote It Be!!!

Hank Kraychir