All that the father of creation has is yours for the asking, even the power of creation. Yet, these higher laws of creation can only be used by those individuals who have evolved from the kingdom of man into the kingdom of the creator. And it all starts with the desire, like in the beginning, “Let there be LIGHT.” It is from these living rays of LIGHT that everything has been created or formed.

The fullness of the creation is faith, which is our own thoughts and desires; cast away your doubting and the unbelief in yourself, and you can live as long as you so desire. But it is more than positive thoughts that make such things a reality. Remember the lesson, faith without works? You must work at Immortality, and it all starts with your thoughts. Nevertheless, it does not end there, you must also alter your life to make way for a new way of thinking, acting and living. Throw out the old you and recreate a new you based on ancient doctrines of Immortality.

Look at no one person for help, for you hold the truth within you. No person, no religion, nor any government can help you; only God himself. Only through the Great Creator can Immortality be attained. God himself will become your teacher, if you ask and become a loyal and strident student. It is through his spirit that the lessons of eternalism are taught. You must become an exalted and glorified receptor to make life more abundant. And only when such lofty goals are sought and eventually met, will you be lifted beyond mere mortalism; yes, you must evolve from the man kingdom into the God Kingdom.

Make praise and thanks continual; never doubt this reality. Ask, seek and constantly knock until the Great Architect accepts you into his chosen hands. Nothing is impossible unto the worthy. This was promised to you ages ago; it is irrevocable. It has always been with you, but could not be seen until your eyes were opened; i.e. the Light.

As one learns to feel these Immortal truths, he will begin to grasp or to know the real truth; not mortal truths, but rather, Immortal ones.  And with this new knowledge, and the application thereof, he will become free. These inner laws contain the knowledge of what each man held in the beginning when he was one with our creator. There is an all-inclusive unfolding for each individual, an eternal revelation of the great truth, from a contact that is contained in the revelation of each man’s destiny. This is the same destiny that each man was commissioned to fulfill before he was born.

There is the revelation of one’s past, especially as one opens his mind to recall his own glory. As a child of the light, reflecting his mortal life, unlike mediocre people who vainly glorify themselves, one’s divine essence becomes clearer and purer. Right now, right where you stand, can you imagine the possibility of eternal greatness? If not, stop yourself from reading any further. However, if you can imagine, then become a diligent student of eternal life, i.e. Immortality. It is true, you hold the truth deep within you. You are the mechanism for an Immortal life. There are countless books and vain efforts to which to guide your quest; but, it is you, working through God, which holds the key. The key is inside you, the lock just needs to be turned.

Nevertheless, it is because of gross blindness, which covers the earth, that this veil of ignorance even exists at all. This life, right now, is appointed for each man to discover his greatness. Contact with God will fulfill this opportunity. Greatness is held within each man, but it must first be unleashed by the light. All love and all power is possible for him to glorify through divine contact. When man and God are combined a holy at-one-moment exists. Such loving power is beheld by those who are worthy. Part III to follow next month!

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir