There is a divine essence and substance that leads to an Immortal state of existence; this, I believe, cannot be denied, but if it is denied by anyone, the result is that he will never attain the dream of Immortalism.  Therefore, the ideal of attaining Immortality aligns itself well with positive thinking and a positive lifestyle.  This, of course, brings us to the study of Albert Pike’s book Morals and Dogma (1872). After reading his book twice, I felt very comfortable with his work, and even felt that I understood his book better than most Pike scholars; however, I was wrong. You see, it was not until I read Elphas Levi’s various writings, did I truly understand what Pike was ultimately writing about. In short, only after reading Levi did I understand that both men were writing about attaining an Immortal state of existence. Let me explain some of the requirements for Immortalism.

Since the beginning of recorded history, man has dreamt of Immortality. Whatever man can think, or has thought of, has already been inscribed by our creator in heaven; there is nothing new, and we were made in God’s image. Therefore, everything that comes from us was created by God; including our thoughts, goals, feelings, images, visions and aspirations.

The basis of all true and everlasting creation is love; just like God, we are all creators of our own reality. Those who use the tools of love to create will never become self-righteous, bigoted or fanatical; such things are tools of the ignorant, and the unenlightened – i.e. Mortals. Much of this creation is done in silence, with no fanfare or adoration. Like all true secrets, they must be attained silently alone. There is never any boasting; for such behavior will result in the discontinuance of Immortal blessings. Yes, the secret of Immortality comes to only a few. It is an individual path, often done alone and guided only by God.

One travels this secret path with the creator in isolation; it is an inner road of blessings and goodness, and is well out of the reach of most aspirants. The key that opens this gate, which leads to the narrow path, can only be granted by God, and is awarded slowly and in time. Little by little the aspirant receives his lessons and messages through his self-continualness, persistent study and incessant probing.

These powerful blessings are constant, but silent. One must give in order to receive. The wages of sin is death, and the wages of love is life.  Humbled humility leads to abundance, while self-satisfaction results in scarcity. Higher spiritual and physical attainment is the aim of the Immortal aspirant, and is rarely realized, and even less so, sustained. The aspirant lives as long as he does not fail to adhere to the designer’s beliefs and principles. Individual pride and pretentious behavior are replaced by His corresponding compassion and sympathy for his creations. In short, the absence of love is hate, which leads to death.

Each Immortal aspirant has the right to the LIGHT from within his inner BEING. It matters little if misfortune or sorrow has sought to submerge the aspirants goal; what matters is the response of the aspirant. If he responds with LOVE to any resultant harm, his course will still and forever remain the same. However, if hate is his response, the results of such behavior will be unmeasurably bleak. You see, as one lovingly issues his command for LIGHT, like, “Let there be Light” within me, he will able to step aside and witness all trepidation, discordance, error and wickedness will disappear from his eternal life. It is this ability to command the LIGHT in all experiences and circumstances that sets the aspirant apart from the multitude of non-believers – i.e. Mortals. Learning to walk fully clothed in the LIGHT is what frees the body and spirit from grief, disease, discomfort and even death.

Up until now, very few people have been able to lift their eyes upon the horizon to behold this ineffable POWER.  Faith itself is born and fulfilled out of the unviable; only the impossible gives meaning to faith. One of the best gifts that man can receive is the spiritual POWER of discernment, which is gifted by God. Such gifts are available to every man; therefore, it is man’s refusal to accept this gift that separates him from Immortality, not God’s refusal to give it. More information to follow next month!

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir