As I mentioned in my October 1, 2016 post, Post-Postmodernism or Metamodernism and Freemasonry, our culture was changing from a Postmodern to a Metamodern culture. I would like to say that I predicted the outcome of this year’s election, but that would not be the truth. The only thing I did was report on this significant cultural change. I have received so many private comments about my writings this past year on the topic of Postmodernism and its devastating effect on the Craft; many of which were supportive, but, sadly, almost just as many were negative. The really sad part of this adventure, this past year, was so many Masons were in denial, and perhaps still are. That somehow, our new President would be the end of the world, or how could this have happened. The reality of this election was easily predictable, if only my brethren would have studied the transition from a Modern, to a Postmodern, and now in a Metamodern society. A topic I have written about extensively this past year for the benefit of the broader Craft.

Here is a quick outline of Modernism, Postmodernism and Metamodernism:

Modern ideas:

Postmodern ideas:

Metamodern ideas:

In short, Hillary Clinton was the Postmodern candidate, while Donald Trump was the Metamodern candidate; and with Trumps electoral college win, we now have confirmation of this transformation from a Postmodern culture to a Metamodern culture has started on a national scale.

Indeed, most Americans were, and still are, in shock. Political pundits could not see the forest through the trees, because their Postmodern bias held them back from seeing the truth. In fact, media bias was, and still is, blatantly Postmodern, and this helped the general unforgotten populace, who had become disconnected from total Postmodern programming, propel Metamodern thinking into the limelight. Sociologist have been discussing this trend for well over a decade now, so it was no surprise to me; nevertheless, the uninformed population unconsciously reacted as predicted. Yes, my friends, there is a national consciousness; it is a living, breathing and reactive entity that lifts its head up once and a while. And when it does, significant social changes occur quickly and decisively.

So many of these so called political pundits, who have only been trained to think as a Postmodernist, still haven’t come to grips with this new political realignment. They continue to attack those things they don’t understand, nor perhaps ever will. Like almost every cultural realignment in our history, the political class has always been late to see new social changes. We can, of course, expect to see a continuation of the statue quo of the political class, who have everything to lose, or so they think. That is until they come to realize that this course of history was inevitable; as was previously predicted. The political class need only change the color of their suits to again become beneficiaries of this new cultural change. We have seen this also happen throughout history, just like when the Soviet Union fell, the old Russian leadership simply took off their military uniforms and put on new suits. The outward appearances almost always changes, but so many times, the people behind the scene simply adapt and reemerge. I think we can expect to see this occur as well.

So, to the big question, “How does this cultural change affect Freemasonry?” Well, simply put, I think we can see a reemergence of Masonic membership and a more favorable public acceptance in the ways of Freemasonry. No, it won’t be like the glory days under Modernism, but it will be significantly better than under the destructiveness of Postmodernism.

In conclusion, my work on the topic of Modernism, Postmodernism and MetaModernism is now complete. I have spent the last year trying my best to educate the Craft about this significant social change that was about to occur and did; but no more, at least for now. I will now change directions into other Masonic topics. Thanks for reading!

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir