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As many Masons already know, Freemasonry tends to attract a special kind of person, which further inspires these people to be the best they can be. In truth, Masonry has countless examples of greatness to its credit. Yet, at the same time, it also inspires even the most modest forms of achievement, like simple acts of charity towards mankind, etc.

Nevertheless, every once in a while, a man is kindled with a unique spirit, of which some may dismiss simply as nice or quaint. I think I have found such a man, his name is Sergio Sarri; a man I have written about previously on this blog. Yes, he is a modest Masonic cartoonist.

You see, Masonry has a tendency to fixate itself on the more serious side of human achievements, something of which I am guilty of as well.  Yet, we still have people, like our cartoonist brother, to remind us that we can choose to laugh at ourselves if we want to.

I have found brother Sarri’s comics most enjoyable, especially after ready Masonic literature that has been known to make my eyes bleed (~Smile~)! Yes, there are many different types of people that make up Freemasonry, for which I am grateful; otherwise, how boring would life be.

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With this said, I would now like to introduce brother Sarri’s new English version book entitled, Masonic Comics… From Italy (2015), which has many of his most known comic drawings with English text. I personally have a hard copy of the book, but it’s also available online, if you enjoy receiving a book that way. If you are an avid collector of Masonic books like I am, I recommend you get a copy. As mentioned in my previous blog posting, I think his best book is Piccolo Dizionario Massonico Illustrato: Prontuario Per Neofiti O Profani (2013), but I am still most pleased to have is latest book as well.

Thanks brother Sergio Sarri for helping us laugh at ourselves ~/G\~

So Mote It Be!!!

Hank Kraychir

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Also, if you enjoyed this blog post, you might want to take a look at my newest article, Dissecting The 1723 Constitutions Of Free-Masons; Dispelling Revisionist Myths. Here is an excerpt from the article:

So what did I learn by dissecting the 1723 Constitutions of Free-Masons? Well, first and foremost, I learned that an improper revisionist agenda has been propagated against Masonry for decades, if not longer. When the 1717 fairy tale began is not certain? Yet, by dissecting the 1723 Constitutions of Free-Masons, the document these revisionist pundits claim proved their point that Freemasonry began in 1717, I learned their allegation is unsupportable. Throughout the document, the authors repeatedly wrote that they were simply compiling a new Constitutions, which was based on old Constitutions, and old Records; some of which came from France, Rome (Latin) and Greece. It can be easily assumed that the authors of the 1717 Constitutions of Free-Masons took great care in researching their historical roots. And during the discovery process they discovered many historical errors, which they readily admitted to and did their best to correct. In no way did these men take their work lightly; rather, they understood the gravity of the task and sought out all available information to help create a new, not a “first,” beginning for Masonry in England.