Not only was yesterday a record five day run for my blog, Gnosismasonry, with 4,626 hits, but even more, on the fifth day, the blog hit another record day with visitors from 19 different countries; the old record was 16. Here is a list of countries in order of most hits:

1. Philippines, 2. USA, 3. Jamaica, 4. Australia, 5. Canada, 6. United Kingdom, 7. Singapore, 8. Italy, 9. Bulgaria, 10 Serbia, 11. Mexico, 12. Uruguay, 13. India, 14. Romania, 15. Paraguay, 16 Barbados, 17. Saudi Arabia, 18. Brazil, 19. New Zealand.


I think this recent surge can be related to three unique things that happened in the past two weeks. First, since I submitted book reviews for Sergio Sarri’s Masonic Comics, who has a vast international following, I have been getting hits from his followers. Second, because Masonic Brother Prometheus Roark highlighting my blog on his Facebook page this past week, I have been getting hits from his followers as well. And lastly, my blog article about Brother Sergio Sarri was mentioned by Masoneria357 website, which also has an incredibly large international following.


In short, I have been humbled by the whole experience these past few days, and want to thank Sergio Sarri, Prometheus Roark and Masoneria357, and their collective following, of their support for my blog. I also learned that there is an insatiable desire around the globe to learn more about Masonry, and the Brotherhood is bigger than most people realize.


So Mote It Be!!!

Hank Kraychir