Tree of life

I have always been fascinated (background reasoning) by our custom of placing a tree in our homes and at public venues during the Christmas holidays. Now mind you, I actually enjoy a well prepared Christmas Tree. It actually makes me smile, which leads me to think that there is some type of power emanating from this symbol? I say this because I have discovered that the Christmas Tree is actually representative of the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah.  I know, I know, there are other presumed reason’s for the tree’s background, and I am not dismissing these valuable points. However, I am actually in favor of the view that the Christmas Tree evolved out of and from the Kabbalistic belief in the Tree of Life. Here is a portion of a fantastic article that explains so much about the gnostic (gnosis or spiritual knowledge) view in and of the Christmas Tree:

The Christmas Tree

What is the Christmas tree? Let us analyze the word Christmas. “Christ” is a solar energy, and “mass” is a rite; so, Christmas, is a transformation or a rite in which the solar energy is transformed into life.

The Tree of Life is always studied in Kabbalah. It is represented in the spinal column of every single person. The spinal column is the Tree of Life. If you have your spinal column healthy, your whole body is healthy, strong. If you damage your spinal column, you can damage your brain, you can damage other limbs of your body. The Tree of Life, the Christmas tree, symbolizes the spinal column. All the lights on the Christmas tree represent the senses of the soul that we need to awaken in order to perceive what Christ is.


The Tree of Life: The Christ-Mass Tree

When that light is shining in our spinal column, within the seven churches that are described in the Book of Revelation, and within all the powers of that Tree of Life, then Santa Claus comes and delivers a gift. That comes from the north then down the chimney, which is our particular north, the chakra Sahasrara, or the church of Laodicea, related to the pineal gland and the sephirah Kether. This is where he enters. This is precisely what is written in the Acts of the Apostles, that when the Apostles were reunited, celebrating it, tongues of fire came hovering above their heads. Those tongues were the fire of the Holy Ghost, or the fire of Santa Claus, which is a force. That was the gift that they received. They received many gifts, because remember that is written there in the scriptures that anybody can receive different gifts according to the transformation or permutation of this energy. But in this day and age people do not understand what type of gift or what is that, that the bible calls “a gift.” It is a power of the Holy Spirit and it is not something that you will automatically receive. No, you have to earn it.

The Fire of the Pentacost

“Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:3


This is why Christmas, the Nativity of Christ, is for children. Do we have the minds of children? What type of mind do we have? The mind of children is symbolized in the pine tree. The pine tree is related with the forces of childhood, the forces of Aquarius, the mind. Observe your mind: is your mind innocent? Did you acquire that innocence in your mind? Only a Buddha has that type of mind. That is why it is written that in order for Christ to descend into you, you have to be united with your own particular individual Buddha, who gives you that illumination. That is what the word Buddha means: Illuminated, Enlightened One. That is symbolized in the Tree of Life, in the Christmas Tree, which is a symbol taken from the Nordics, yet, this symbol is represented in every tradition.

But of course, many Christians have their Christmas tree with its lights, but don’t know anything about this. Indeed, in this day and age Christmas is just a business. Many people celebrate Christmas, and when Christmas comes they ignore about the relation of this rite of the Solar Light with the Earth, and they just worry about what are the gifts somebody is going to give them, and what type of gifts they should give to their relatives. And everybody is thinking in that. When you watch TV you find a lot of commercials, advertisements, encouraging you “to give” for Christmas. The Black Lodge has commercialized everything, taken all the sacred symbols and mocks the symbols of religions; this is why people in this day and age celebrate these holidays’ celebrations but ignore the meaning of them.

This drama of the Cosmic Christ and the way in which we can assimilate that Solar Force is a secret related with the spinal column. Remember that the spinal column has 33 vertebrae. This is why Master Jesus, it is written, lived 33 years. The Masons talk about 33 initiatic degrees. And it is because in order to develop that energy, we have to do it in 33 degrees, but in different octaves, different ways.

As such, enjoy your holiday season with a Christmas Tree, and don’t get caught up in the propagated lies by pundits who will use any tool at their disposal to destroy this true cosmic power. Yes, the Christmas Tree is nothing more than the Tree of Life (from the Kabbalah) and its use is truly a spiritual experience (gnosis)!

So Mote It Be!!!

Hank Kraychir