Recently, I had a family member, who had broken out in a rash with sores on her skin, come to me and ask for my advice. She had tried and tried to get relief from a variety of over the counter creams, but nothing seemed to work. I asked her if she had ever thought about using honey on her sores. She immediately scoffed and laughed at the suggestion. However, after I mentioned the actual healing properties of honey and how it had been used throughout the ages, her interest grew.

I discussed the fable about the ancient Craftsman who cut himself while working on a pyramid; who immediately applied honey on the wound to stop infection and to heal the gash. I also mentioned the story of Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile, who bathed in honey (and milk) to keep her skin soft and youthful.

So with some coaxing, she decided to try a simple honey bath. After several days, she told me that her skin had never been so soft and the sores on her body appeared to be healing. Needless to say, she was so excited with the results that she continued with her self treatment. She reported back some four to five weeks later that her sores were healed and her skin had never felt softer.

I made this short journal entry for anyone who is willing to take the time to about read the benefits of honey. You see, gnosis (spiritual knowledge) is not always about God per say; rather, gnosis can also be about reconnecting to our history. It may appear at times that reading about such knowledge (honey) has little or no direct application today. This short entry about honey is an example that certain ancient mysteries still have uses and value today!

So Mote It Be!!!

Hank Kraychir