Construction will begin next month on a Bible Museum in Washington, DC; however, one interesting aspect of its design has not gone unnoticed – it is shaped like a pyramid, which is a gnosis – Masonic symbol.


As a philosophy, gnosis implies a message and invites each person the opportunity to reflect upon an objects meaning. A gnostic philosopher loves knowledge and always seeks the truth, which is often found by asking uncommon questions. Many people think the philosophy of gnosis began in Persia or Greece, however its roots can actually be dated to the Eastern philosophies. Nevertheless, gnosis quietly spread into the Mediterranean region and eventually found a home in Egypt; and is perhaps most exemplified today by the pyramid. These ancient gnostic symbols tell a story to anyone who wants to listen.

Masonry promotes the pyramid as a representation of strength and durability, and its steps as an allegorical path of Enlightenment. Yet, gnosis applies the principle of spiritual knowledge, with the peak of the pyramid holding higher knowledge and the base holding foundational knowledge.

Now, what David Green (Hobby Lobby) allegorically meant by designing a pyramid shaped building is not known at this time, but in time I am sure he will be asked? Needless to say, I am certainly glad to see such a design!!!

I would, however, like to mentioned several allegorical points with regard to the progressively designed rendering shown above. Notice the use of three oddly (progressively) shaped pyramids, the building itself, and a smaller and larger pyramid on the roof. The fact that each successive pyramid gets smaller and smaller, much like regular pyramid was also noticed. Also, that each of the three pyramids are flat on their tops, much like the pyramid on our money, but lacking the eye of God, which would lead me to believe that God resides within the building, not on top of it!

The Bible Museum plans to open in 2017.

So Mote It Be!

Hank Kraychir