Hello, my name is Hank Kraychir. I have created this blog to help explain several important points and issues I have learned about Masonry over the past several years. This blog will be a record of my thoughts on various Masonic topics. I will use it to help bridge the knowledge gap that exists within the Craft.

Sadly, there is a War being conducted by many prominent religious leaders, Masonic authors and scholars. This cleansing is similar to what happened during the first three hundred years after Jesus’ death, which eventually ended with the sword of Constantine the Great’s (and the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE) killing countless Christians based on Orthodox views about religion.

You see, there once was a time when free thoughts were allowed and even encouraged within the Craft, but with the advent of the Internet, it has become all too easy for well intended people to propagate and discourage free thinking. Terms like “there is no proof” or “that has never been substantiated” are thrown around like candy at a Halloween party. However, if one understands the concept and tradition of gnosis, anecdotal evidence becomes acceptable proof when making an assertion. These well intended people stress that if no documentation can prove an assertion, it must not be true. How can such ideas exist when the basis of Masonic knowledge, wisdom and traditions are based on verbal and symbolic communication. Long before the written word was commonly used, Masons (called by other names in the past) communicated by signs and tokens – sound familiar – I hope so.

In fact, the Holy Bible, the rule and guide of our faith, continually asserts the historical use of profits, sages, parables and allegories. Did such men turn from seeking knowledge because pundits said there is no proof God said something or there’s no physical proof in God himself? No, of course not and neither should we. This blog will continue to assert that this quest for historical revisionism, or historiography, has actually stunted many a man’s development and further detached us from the Creator.

Once again, welcome to my blog. I hope you find it useful in your quest for gnosis!

So Mote It Be

Hank Kraychir